The Organising Committee invites you to participate in the Conference workshops on offer at AESC 2023.

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Pre-Conference Workshops

The Gascoyne Province, WA: an emerging carbonatite and REE powerhouse - FULL

Dates: Monday 26 June 2023
Time: 9am – 4pm
Venue: GSWA Perth Core Library, Carlisle
Cost: Non GSA Member – $250
GSA member: $150
Student/unemployed: $75

Carbonatites and fenites are the major global source of REE, including Nd and Pr, essential metals for the green economy. In the current exploration boom for REE, the Gascoyne Province has emerged as a significant but hitherto unrealised carbonatite/fenite/REE metallotect. This workshop presents exploration results from some of the main players in REE exploration in the Gascoyne, but also places the Gascoyne results in the context of carbonatites and REEs in WA and globally. Drill core from the Mt Weld and Cummins Range carbonatite/REE deposits will be available for viewing.

Presented by SGEG” (Specialist Group in Economic Geology of the GSA)

Dr Franco Pirajno (University of WA)
Ross Chandler (RSES, at ANU)
Pete Siegfried (University of Exeter)
Andrew Ford (Hastings Technology Metals Ltd)
Matt Crowe (Dreadnought Resources)
Matt Roache (Kingfisher Mining). 

WORKSHOP CANCELLED - Advanced spectral data processing

This workshop has been cancelled – if you had registered to attend this workshop please contact

AusGeochem: research tool to archive, synthesise, find and extract geochemistry data

Dates: Monday 26 June 2023
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost: Standard – $350
Student/Unemployed $75

AusGeochem is a geospatial platform combining a cloud-hosted relational database engine with full access control layer and a virtual laboratory capability for analysing and visualising complex geochemical datasets. The software allows laboratories and researchers to register samples and upload, archive, mint (IGSN), disseminate and publish (DOIs) datasets. Users are able to keep datasets private, while performing statistical analyses and data synthesis within the context of large volumes of publicly funded geochemical data aggregated from the user community. The AuScope Geochemistry Network project team and collaborator Lithodat Pty Ltd interrogated international best practice in geochemistry data management (e.g., use of IGSN, metadata standards, international open data initiatives such as EarthChem and EPOS-ERIC), organised expert groups to establish data reporting standards. Our goal is to not just create a compilation of data from various methods, but to be a part of the community, creating a system that researchers will use as part of their normal research workflow.

The goal of the workshop is to engage with the wider community about how the AusGeochem platform can provide a researcher with the tools for good geochemical data management practices, adopting FAIR data principles and highlight opportunities AusGeochem provides to streamline publication of results in academic journals that have adopted the COPDESS principles. The workshop will accomplish these goals through the participants learning how to easily translate and uploaded their data into the AusGeochem platform. During this hands on process, we aim to aid the community in finding the resources they need to capture older data, while also emphasising the primary focus on creating a system where new data are captured at source (directly from the laboratory). Data should be in the system that contains all the essential constituent input data required to enable results to be calculated or recalculated automatically as revisions to fundamental parameters (such as decay constants), improved statistical methods, or changing data types, calibrations etc. may become desirable or necessary.

Dr Bryant Ware, Research Associate, John de Laeter Centre, Curtin University

Machine augmented interpretation of geology

Dates: Monday 26 June 2023
Time: 9am – 12pm
Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost: Standard – $175
Student/Unemployed $55

This workshop will present and discuss the successes, challenges and insights in applying machine learning, AI and visual analytics methods to model geology and mineral resources.  It will explore practical methods in analysing and integrating multi-modal drillhole data to extract geological information within a workflow that ranges from quality assurance/quality control through to communicating the results through powerful and interactive visualisations.

Centre for Data-driven Geoscience, University of Western Australia (Dr Chris Gonzalez, Dr Tom Horrocks, Dr Daniel Wedge, Dr David Nathan, Dr Minh Tran, Prof Eun-Jung Holden)

Empowering Earth Scientists in Reconciliation

Proudly Sponsored by:


Dates: Monday 26 June 2023
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost: Standard registration $175pp
Student/Unemployed $55pp
Virtual registration – $85pp


This pre-conference workshop organised by the Geoscience Indigenous Collaboration and Engagement Specialist Group (GICE) is intended to empower individuals within the Earth science community to be more inclusive of Indigenous Australians’ contributions and perspectives. The workshop will highlight how collaboration can improve the Earth science community, and participants will gain the confidence, and actionable steps to promote and facilitate reconciliation in their workplaces. Moreover, the workshop will provide opportunities for participants to establish connections with Australia’s Earth science ally network and Indigenous leaders in Australian Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The keynote address will be given by Kado Muir, an expert in negotiating First Nations equity in projects on traditional country. Kado actively promotes alternative community-based enterprises and sustainable livelihoods through his culturally grounded economic model, Wealth in First Nations. Kado is a Traditional Owner and Native title holder in the central deserts of Western Australia, and Chair of the National Native Council as well as Co-Chair of the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance. He is a leading Australian ethnoecologist and two-way knowledge practitioner, as custodian of Ngalia cultural heritage and Traditional Ecological Knowledge merged with his anthropological training.

A panel discussion featuring Torres Webb (Cultural Capability Advisor, CSIRO), Professor Stephen van Leeuwen (Botanical ecologist and Australia’s first Indigenous Chair of Biodiversity and Environmental Science at Curtin University), Nat Raisbeck-Brown (Spatial scientist with interest in spatial data management, remote sensing, Indigenous land management and language, and the environment at CSIRO), Denise Ali-Smith (Senior Linguist / Language Co-Ordinator, Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation) and Dr Emma Woodward (Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO who supports Indigenous-led science and knowledge weaving to deliver collaborative solutions to land and sea management). The panel discussion and Q&A session will focus on experiences in Indigenous engagement and case studies of the panel members.

During the afternoon tea session, attendees will have an opportunity to network and engage with Kado Muir and the panel members. Additionally, a short clip of the documentary Rola [Stone] will be screened, along with a pre-recorded interview with director and producer of the film, Dr Marissa Betts. Rola [Stone] won the Geoscience Professionals category in the Earth Futures film festival in 2022, and will serve as an important discussion prompt for participants in this session.

The GICE aims to establish collaborative relationships that foster inclusion, diversity and innovation. This workshop provides a unique platform for our Earth science community to engage with Indigenous Australians and First Nations knowledge in the context of Earth science research, teaching and industry.

Virtual Registrations

This workshop will be live streamed and available to attend virtually. If you are not attending AESC 2023 and would like to attend this workshop remotely, please register below under the option of attending a Workshop without registering for the Convention. A link will be provided prior to the Workshop for any virtual attendees.

Mid-Conference Workshop

Naming and defining stratigraphic units - FULL

Dates: Wednesday 28 June 2023
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost: Free

This workshop will explain the tools available and procedures for naming, defining and redefining stratigraphic units. Existing unit definitions will be used to illustrate the value of defining units, and making those definitions publicly available, rather than just adding a polygon to a dataset. We will discuss the varying level of detail in different definitions, and the reasons to redefine a unit when new information (e.g. extent, age, geochemistry, lithological variations) becomes available.

Cathy Brown (Chair Australian Stratigraphy Commission, Geoscience Australia), Christo Marais-Van Vuuren (Australian Stratigraphic Units Database)